Monkeys & Caterpillars

Older Toddlers

Child Care | 2 Year Olds

Awesome dance moves and adorably mispronounced words. We love this age! Yes, we are talking about the TERRIFIC Twos. There are so many exciting moments with your sweet little one. Be a part of every challenge and adventure.

Monkeys & Caterpillars

Older Toddlers

Child Care | 2 Year Olds

Awesome dance moves and adorably mispronounced words. We love this age! Yes, we are talking about the TERRIFIC Twos. There are so many exciting moments with your sweet little one. Be a part of every challenge and adventure.

fully engaging your little learner

Our team creates much more structure for your little learner now, with centers for their interactive educational play. We know there is a lot going on in that little heart and mind, so we teach an emotional vocabulary that lets them express themselves, resolve conflict, and get along with others wonderfully well.

working closely with you

Picture your child eager to share in discussion and happy to take on more responsibility in the classroom as we capture their minds and imagination through interactive play. Working closely with you (when they are ready) we also make the leap to potty use: steady and consistent self-care habit.

Excited to Eat Healthy

Good nutrition starts from the ground up. Your child will try out all kinds of food, from preparation to consumption. They’ll be excited to share their culinary delight with you!

Unique Enriching Experiences

From Sign Language to Yoga to outdoor play, we want the highest and best for your child. We feel it’s important they receive such high-quality care as well as exceptional experiences.

Where Education Meets Exploration

Creative education is all about discovery, exploration and variety. We get their hands wet with simple science, get their feet tapping with rhythm and math, and continue to explore art, music, language and dramatic play through all of their senses, every day.

More Personalized Attention

Your child is wondering about the world around them. Our keen attention to your child’s interests helps them develop their strengths and overcome their challenges in a most positive, well-rounded way.

Creating Community

Can you see the glee on your child’s face as they join in on our many parties and celebrations? Highlights of the year include our Holiday Show and Talent Show, where kids of all ages experience confidence in themselves and enthusiasm for being in front of a group.


kid smiling
  • Daily Routines
  • Managing Feelings
  • Music, Art, and Read Alouds
  • Relationship Building

Older toddlers build confidence and self-motivating skills through the positive and ongoing support of their caregiver. Building their character and confidence creates that strong foundation and cultivates the ability for the children to become more independent. Our teachers look for opportunities for the children to make choices and take ownership. Also, providing ways for the children to talk about and express their feelings in the moment helps the children gain strategies for recognizing, naming, and learning the strategies they need in the future.

Children at this age are starting to gain more awareness and understanding of their bodies. Our teachers work with our older toddlers to strengthen their eye and hand coordination both in their fine motor and gross motor development. Older toddlers also tend to have lots of energy, and they need opportunities to engage in vigorous physical activities. Our teacher plan both indoor and outdoor activities that promote their physical development. The children also have built in free time to allow them the ability to meet the needs that they know their bodies require.

Older toddlers need to have many opportunities to make meaning from print and pictures in order to develop their reading skills. By having signs, labels, books, and activities that include pictures and step-by-step instructions, children start to cultivate the association of print to the world they are familiar with. Our teachers also play games such as “Mother, May I” or “Follow the Leader” to encourage the children to follow more complex directions and demonstrate their abilities to communicate together.

Curiosity and creativity is the main focus of a 2 year old. Using their imagination and creativity builds confidence and comfort in their learning process. Our teachers follow a consistent routine and use reminders to encourage the children to further develop their receptive language skills and their independence. They plan activities that promote sequencing, matching, making connections, coordination, and cause & effect.

Children develop a love for literature by listening to and interacting with stories. This will encourage the children to build their independent speaking and reading skills. Our teachers not only read the stories but engage the children throughout the reading. You will hear them asking for predictions and expanding the story beyond the book. Older toddlers explore early writing skills through drawing, painting, and coloring. Exposing the children to a lot of print encourages them to begin independent writing.

Finding new ways to encourage the children to count and problem solve encourages math concepts. It also teaches the many different ways math skills are used throughout the day. You will find our teachers exploring collections, playing Hide and Seek, solving puzzles, and doing sequencing activities.


We have collaborated with a national security company that specializes in child care and will be more than happy to discuss our building security when you tour. To remain as safe and secure as possible, we do not want to advertise this information. Be sure to talk with the director when you come!

Yes! We provide two snacks and a nutritious lunch. Children are given water with snacks and milk with lunch. We also have a vegetarian option on a daily basis. All included in tuition!

We keep close track of the children’s allergies and will make any accommodations necessary. We welcome any replacement items that you would like your child to have however, we will make all accommodations that we can so you do not have to provide anything.

We have a medicine log where you would fill out all of the necessary information we need to administer the medication for your child. Medications must be in their original packaging and must be prescribed to the child.

If your child has a very high fever, is vomiting, has diarrhea or is exhibiting symptoms of a contagious illness, you will be notified and asked to pick the child up. In cases requiring medication, we ask that the child only return to our care after 24 hrs on medication. Illnesses are dealt with on a case by case basis. Throughout the day we will keep in contact with the parents to update them of their child’s symptoms.


Magic Memories has been wonderful! Thank you again for loving and supporting her as she has grown up in your school. They say it takes a village to raise a child, you and your staff are definitely part of the reasons why Ella is the happy, smart, fun loving child she is today.

Rebecca L.



Coming to daycare at Magic Memories has been, well, magical! Really, I feel so great sending (my son) and knowing he is loved so much.

Koren D.



As a former childcare provider, I had a lengthy checklist of requirements and expectations when looking for a daycare for my son. The moment I walked in, I knew Magic Memories would meet all those items on my list and so much more. I am so blessed to be able to send my child into a loving and welcoming environment where he is cherished and nurtured by all of the fabulous staff. Thank you Magic Memories for providing my family with so much more than just childcare.

Jen W.