A Nurturing, Safe, &
Friendly Environment
Where They Thrive Socially, Physically, Emotionally, & Cognitively

Preschool & Child Care Center Serving Jeffersonville, PA

Located On The Corner Of State Rte 3004 & W Main St

Restaurants, Groceries, & More Conveniently Just Minutes Away

Located just across the street from a pharmacy and just minutes from a Walgreens, ACME Market, restaurants, a bank, and more, you have all the necessary amenities. You love picking up and dropping off your child, knowing you can easily complete your errands.
Restaurants, Groceries, & More Conveniently Just Minutes Away
The Bus Stops Right Outside The Center

The Bus Stops Right Outside The Center

Commuting and convenience never felt so great, thanks to 2 bus stops outside the center. Whether you’re taking the 91 or 93, you can get off at Main St & School Ln and Main St & School Ln – FS and walk right in for pick up and drop off.
“Hi there. I’m Martina. I have my Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education and have been working in childcare for 16 years, and I love it!”
Martina Wylie
Martina Wylie
"Hi there. I’m Wasana. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from West Chester University and a CDA. I have been in childcare since 2019 and fell in love with being a teacher of the little ones ever since. I am currently working towards a Master’s degree in Special Education at WCU and spends most of her free time with her daughter and loved ones."

Wasana Phukhao
Assistant Director

Daily Outdoor Playtime With An Awesome Playground & Sunshine

A Location That Feels Like Home Thanks To Trusting Relationships

Jeffersonville is a daycare center with a heart for a good reason. Facilities feel like home! Teachers nurture your child as their own, encourage developmental growth in a warm and secure environment, and foster transparent relationships with you daily.

Bright Classrooms Filled With All The Learning Essentials

Your child loves wandering through their classrooms and experiencing new activities. Their classrooms are home to bright, welcoming spaces, plenty of toys, reading materials, and the space they need to grow comfortably.
Bright Classrooms Filled With All The Learning Essentials

How Old Is Your Child?

Fireflies & Turtles
6 weeks – 18 months
Duckies & Tiggers
1 – 2 years
Monkeys & Caterpillars
Older Toddlers
2 – 3 years
Giraffes, Seahorses & Leopards
3 – 4 years
Busy Bees, Chameleons & Foxes
4 – 5 years
Pre-K Counts
3 - 4 Years
Super Sharks
Before & After
5 – 12 years
Summer Camp
5 – 12 years

Kickstart Their Bright Beginning

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