We're Ready For You

We Safeguard Your Child's
Health; Here's How:

We're Ready For You

We Safeguard Your Child's
Health; Here's How:

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We Keep Groups Separate

We do not mix our groups throughout the day. Separate groups help us create a mini-family at the school with the same children in the same class with the same teachers each day.

No Entry Into The Building Unless Absolutely Necessary

We do not allow parents or anyone that is not essential to enter the building to cut down on unnecessary exposure and enable us to control line tracing within our programs. Should someone need to enter the building for service purposes, deliveries, etc., they undergo the same health and temperature check as our children and staff.

Face Masks Are A Requirement

Following the Department of Human Services’ new requirements, all our staff must wear face masks. Children aged two and older are required to wear a face covering. There are certain exceptions under which your child will not have to use a face covering. It is important to note that this requirement is directly linked to the developmental stage of each child. Children who wear a face covering must be able to both place their face covering on and remove it without assistance. Children will not wear a face covering while physically active outdoors, while eating, or while sleeping.

Increased Disinfection Of Our High Touch Areas

Frequently touched areas are usually cleaned as needed or at night. We now have two additional high touch area cleanings throughout the day to help minimize the spread of germs.

Thorough Sanitation Of Toys Throughout The Day

Regular rotation of toys allows the children to have materials to play with while we clean and disinfect toys they are not playing with wholly and correctly.

Three Health And Temperature Checks Every Day

We check the children’s and staff’s health and temperatures upon arrival, mid-day, and before leaving. We collect temperatures, do a visual health check, and ask specific questions in regards to COVID-19, which helps us catch any possible illness in its earliest state to act quickly with our new procedures for when a child or staff may become ill.

Education, Training, And Follow-Through For Our Team

In addition to our regular onboarding of staff, we have implemented new training and education regarding COVID-19 and infectious diseases. The staff participates in a training run by the Department of Human Services and the Health Department, which informs them about the importance of following new procedures surrounding the prevention of spreading infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Our on-site administration follows through daily to ensure the staff have been trained and are following procedures ongoing. They also have additional checklists that ensure compliance with new procedures.

Working With The Children

We implemented the term Physical Distancing over Social Distancing since that is what we have consistently taught the children, and also our natural human instinct is to socialize and interact. The children will still be socially interacting with each other and with the teachers, which is essential for their continued growth and development. We will be making sure we continue to teach physical distance or personal space. Our staff will be doing the absolute best they can to ensure that the children give each other space and minimize any transmission of germs. We also continuously help the children to understand we are giving each other personal space to keep each other healthy and safe. Our state regulatory agencies are transparent in that their expectation is not that the children never touch or interact with each other and other staff.

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