About Magic Memories

We focus on family first – to be an extension of your family. While your children are in our care Magic Memories will be their second home.

About Magic Memories

We focus on family first – to be an extension of your family. While your children are in our care Magic Memories will be their second home.

A Structured Learning Environment Sets Children Up For Success

Our learning environment is structured around the interests of your children, their developmental levels, their personalities or temperaments and their individual needs. We use observations to help us understand your child’s needs and from there we determine the experiences that should be covered individually as well as for the class.

Care Tailored To Your Child Helps Them Reach Milestones

Each individual child is treated as an individual, as unique, with their own distinct needs and temperament, forming the backbone of our curriculum and defines the types of activities and experiences that are presented through intentional classroom planning.

Child-centered learning is focused on the child’s needs, abilities, interests, and learning styles with the teacher as a facilitator of learning. This creates a concept of the children having their own role in the learning process.

Collaborative Goal Setting
Means Kids Learn Better

A loving staff makes it a priority to unite with the whole family to achieve these goals. Highly qualified teachers seek information from families, use child observations and other experiences to develop individualized goals for children which include experiences and activities that are challenging, yet achievable.

Safe, Loving and
Home-Like Environment

Your child is in a safe, loving, home-like environment as an extension of your family, allowing us to find a strong foundation for your child to achieve their highest level of cognitive, physical, social and emotional development.

Mission Statement

Magic Memories Early Learning Schools were established to provide your child a loving, caring, and stimulating environment.

We provide a safe, healthy surrounding, well-balanced meals and a concerned staff, in a warm, trusting, home-like setting.

Our mission is to provide the emotional security, self-esteem and social development of the children in our care, with a strong value system of respect, courtesy and love for one another.

We are centers dedicated to improving, supporting and recognizing the importance for continuous quality improvement for Child Development and Early Learning. This is why all of our centers are a part of the Keystone STARS initiative and held to NAEYC Accreditation standards.

Vision Statement

All children attending Magic Memories will learn and develop to their full potential in a healthy, friendly, loving and caring environment. Families will feel confident and secure about the care that their child receives. Magic Memories is the extension of each child’s own family.

Awards & Recognition

2023 – Brick and Mortar award for the 2023 AL DIA Top Entrepreneur Honoree – Neydary Zambrano

2019 – Owner of the Year – Neydary Zambrano

2018 – Director of the Year – Jennifer Sturman (Slavin)

2017 – Philadelphia’s Smart CEO Winner – COO – Jennifer Sturman (Slavin)

2015 – SCORE Business Award, Neydary Zambrano

2015 –Miss Lorraine – Practitioner of the Year, Miss Jessica – Honorable Mention, Miss Diane & Miss Maggie – Nominees

2014 – Community Development Award, Phoenixville Chamber of Commerce, Neydary Zambrano

2014 –Miss Dotti – Nominee

2012 –
Miss Brittany – Nominee, Miss Meredith – Honorable Mention

2011 – Miss Robin – Honorable Mention

2011 –Miss Holly, Miss Rachel, Miss Dora and Miss Amanda – Nominees

2010 – Miss Janifer, Miss Staci, and Miss Jen – Nominees

2009 – Miss Ali – Honorable Mention

2008 –Miss Kat – Practitioner of the Year

2007 – Miss Sam – Nominee

This is a place for passion, quirkiness, fun, integrity, and overall love creating a warm, loving and effective teaching environment for children to grow into their highest potential.

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