Image of Colored Pencils
Image of Colored Pencils

Young Toddlers
(Turtles and Duckies)

Looking for the perfect place for your adorable young toddler is so important. We can only imagine all the cute giggles you hear and the new words they are starting to say. It is important that we only assist in magnifying those qualities.

The Turtles, Duckies and Tiggers are transitional classrooms anywhere between the ages 10 months until 24 months. More independent skills are introduced as the children begin to learn to sit and eat at a regular table, nap on mats and play more freely with each other. The young toddlers begin to verbalize their needs and often test their boundaries with their teacher and classmates. This is why we focus on learning through socialization and play so we can help each child build stable relationships. Self-help skills are encouraged with these ages such as: learning to help clean up after playing, washing their hands independently, learning to get dressed, and introduction to using a potty.

Our toddler room teachers use the Creative Curriculum. Each classroom follows our school themes and then develops individualized lessons for the children in their class and begins to introduce more elements and experiences into their lessons. These children are also taught to use sign language and are encouraged to talk and sign to develop their verbal skills. The Young Toddlers participate in art, music, sensory, fine motor, gross motor, language, and dramatic play activities daily. The use of Kangarootime, our convenient parent app, allows our teachers to share with you real-time updates on your child’s day as well as pictures so you can feel like you are a part of their day.

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