Image of Colored Pencils
Image of Colored Pencils


“You created an utterly happy, supportive, educational and life changing universe for my son. This is a lifetime for a boy his age that never had this kind of care before. He will forever be changed and will hopefully grow to be the best that he can be now with the foundations you helped lay for him while in your care.” -Dawn

"Our daughter absolutely loves Magic Memories! It’s so amazing to see all the wonderful things she has learned since starting school there. The class size, building size, and overall atmosphere is perfect. In addition, we can't say enough wonderful things about her teacher Miss Suzie. She is truly dedicated to the children and their learning below academically and socially." -Jenn Kampmann

"Magic Memories has been wonderful! Thank you again for loving and supporting her as she has grown up in your school. They say it takes a village to raise a child, you and your staff are definitely part of the reasons why Ella is the happy, smart, fun loving child she is today." -Levan Family

“There is a peace of mind that comes from knowing your child receives hugs and kisses for each boo-boo; good food when she’s hungry; a good story on a rainy day; lots of exercise on a sunny day; and most of all, caring and love, rain or shine!” -Jackie

"As a former childcare provider, I had a lengthy checklist of requirements and expectations when looking for a daycare for my son. The moment I walked in, I knew Magic Memories would meet all those items on my list and so much more. I am so blessed to be able to send my child into a loving and welcoming environment where he is cherished and nurtured by all of the fabulous staff. Thank you Magic Memories for providing my family with so much more than just childcare." -Jen W.

"Coming to day care at Magic Memories has been, well, magical! Really, I feel so great sending (my son) and knowing he is loved so much." -Koren D.