Image of Colored Pencils
Image of Colored Pencils

(Monkeys and Caterpillars)

Sensory overload, awesome dance moves, and adorable mispronounced words. Yes, we are talking about the TERRIFIC Twos! There are so many exciting moments with your sweet little one...wait, they are probably telling you that they are a BIG Kid already! We love this age. There are so many new challenges they overcome and new adventures that they create. This is the age where we get to see them grow so much verbally through hearing them sing songs, recite books, and try to use grown up phrases in their stories.

Our two year old rooms are our older toddler classrooms and are between the ages of two and three years old. This room is also famous for being our "potty training room". The children in this class are encouraged to use the toilet during regularly scheduled diaper changing times, and we work closely with parents to train the child when he or she is ready.

Our older toddler teachers use the Creative Curriculum and follow the school themes. In these classrooms the children experience art, music, sensory, fine motor, gross motor, language and dramatic play activities daily. They also add nutrition, math and simple science to their lessons. The children are encouraged to participate in class discussions and take on more responsibility in the classroom while keeping a strong sense of learning through play and socialization.

There is more structure in these rooms and the children begin to play in learning centers. They also begin to learn conflict resolution and teachers help give those words to tell others how they feel. The use of Kangarootime, our convenient parent app, allows our teachers to share with you real-time updates on your child’s day as well as pictures so you can feel like you are a part of their day.

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