Image of Colored Pencils
Image of Colored Pencils

(Busy Bees and Chameleons)

This is it!! The BIG YEAR! Can you believe that your sweet baby is now getting ready for Kindergarten?! We know that you are probably shocked at how much your 4 year old knows and does. They are even probably better at some sports or talents than you are. At 4, children can even learn up to 200 words a week!!! The coolest part to this year is the awesome Graduation at the end of the school year - be sure to bring tissues!

Our pre-kindergarten classrooms are children from ages four to five years old. All placements are aligned with the local school district and their age requirements so when they graduate from Magic Memories they will be ready to attend Kindergarten. These students experience math, science, language, writing, sign language, art, music, Spanish class, sensory, nutrition, fine motor, gross motor and dramatic play activities. To enhance our Pre-K learning we schedule many visitors and field trips each year.

Our teachers use the Creative Curriculum for planning in line with our school themes to develop individualized lessons for the children in their class. The Pre-K students learn more advanced preschool skills in preparation for kindergarten. We also work closely with the local school district so we can be sure we are setting them up for a smooth transition to Kindergarten. Our Pre-K students focus on social skills and conflict resolution. The children are guided in learning how to follow more structured rules and routines. Our Pre-K students are taught to use independent learning and encouraged to apply these skills throughout the day. The use of Kangarootime, our convenient parent app allows our teachers to share with you real-time updates on your child’s day as well as pictures so you can feel like you are a part of their day.

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