Image of Colored Pencils
Image of Colored Pencils


We know that picking a home-away-from-home for your littlest ones can be such a hard journey. Imagine walking into a school that is filled with warmth, cuddles, and smiles. Imagine your sweet baby being cared for by the most compassionate and loving staff. This dream can become a reality when your most adorable little one is cared for at Magic Memories.

Our infant room staff tends to the needs of each individual child throughout the day with hugs, kisses, and cuddles. The daily schedule is outlined by the parents and what the child’s daily schedule is at home. Our loving staff will carry out your child’s individual schedule and when ready, we work together to transition him or her to the school schedule. We thrive on strong communication with families and seek for your support to achieve this. We will provide a daily summary on Kangarootime, our convenient parent app, detailing your child’s feedings, changings, activities, naps and more.

We accept infants beginning at six weeks of age. Magic Memories provides natural, unscented wipes, crib sheets, boppies and cribs. Families provide diapers, creams, baby food, breast milk and/or formula. Working together we will transition your little one to participate in our freshly prepared snacks and lunch program, as he or she is ready. Our infant room teachers use the Creative Curriculum. Each classroom follows our school themes and develops individualized lessons for the children in their class. The infants participate in music, sensory, fine motor, gross motor, art, and dramatic play activities. The teachers also use simple sign language to start communication with infants and start building their language skills. The use of Kangarootime allows our teachers to share with you real-time updates on your child’s day as well as pictures so you can feel like you are a part of their day.

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